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"Helping Farmers Direct-Sell Food Profitably!"




Eat From Farms (EFF) provides farmers with a time-saving online system. It simplifies much of the work associated with selling farm foods. Most importantly, it's available at a cost EVERY farm can readily afford.





Website Options

You can develop an attractive, mobile-friendly website on our EFF system. Or you can add our system to your current website.


No computer tech person is required. The system has been designed to be run by anyone who can access the internet. Changes can be made at will. Live updates occur as soon as they are saved.


Offer Online Ordering

Your EFF shopping For this item, there are three in stock, so 1, 2 or 3 could be ordered. cart system is open for business 24/7. Include as many products as you want - no limits. Turn seasonal products on and off with a click so they don't clutter up your offerings when not available.


In addition to simply selling food, the EFF platform can be used to build email lists, encourage market pre-orders, attract new customers, develop buying clubs, simplify wholesale ordering, and more.


Most of all, farmers use it to add convenience for customers, and for themselves. Ordering and order processing become much more organized and automated, dramatically reducing the juggling of phone, email, and text messages.



Product Availability

When inventory quantities are publicly displayed, people can submit orders, knowing what they want is in stock. Our database driven system makes that feature standard. (The Add to Cart image above shows as many as 3 of that item can be ordered, but no more than three.)


As orders are placed, available quantities are instantly reduced. "Out Of Stock" appears for any cart items with a quantity of 0.


As new stock becomes available, quantities can be easily updated from a master list. In the image below, each number on the right is the maximum quantity that would appear with the corresponding Add to Cart button. The revised inventory can be saved with a single Save Information click.

Use the  boxes on the right to update your inventory quantities and then Save.










Variable Weight Products

Our programming and automation handles that for you. Customers place orders based on the approximate weights you preset for each type of item (see images above and below).


When you fulfill an order, you type the actual product weight (0.84 in image below) into the order page and save it. Our automation immediately updates all the math.


When you have finished with the order, the "Finalize" button is clicked. That triggers a detailed email with correct pricing to be sent to your customer. A detailed invoice is also recorded in their Customer Account. If it was a credit card order, the card is automatically processed for the correct amount and confirmed as paid.


Insert the actual weight of the product - 0.84, and click Save.










Farm Pickup

With Farm Pickup, customers can order from your inventory at any time. Pickup is individually arranged to work with your schedule. If you want to have scheduled pickup times at your farm, you can set up your farm location as a delivery location.



Delivery Locations

In your EFF account, you can set up as many delivery locations as you need. For each location, you schedule delivery dates and times. You also set ordering cutoff times to eliminate last minute orders.


For each specific location and delivery date, our programming automatically groups all of the orders for simple processing. It also creates a pick list and other order fulfillment and delivery aids (see image below). Some EFF farmers offer home delivery for an added fee. There is built-in support in the EFF system for that service as well, at no extra cost.


Delivery location orders are organized for assembly and distribution.






Collaborative Marketing

Marketing as a group has many advantages, so we've created tools to make it easier. You can set up an unlimited number of free subvendor accounts to add non-competing food options to your online store. In fact, you can create an entire online farmers market under YOUR control.


Subvendors manage their own online inventory from their own login. They receive notices when their products are included in orders. They also have their own pick lists for delivery location orders. Our automation makes vendor communication seamless.



Customers & Email Lists
Each farm customer has an account with useful features.

Customers placing online orders automatically have a Customer Account which maintains copies of their invoices, as well as delivery location and mailing preferences.


Our system automatically tracks your customers and compiles your group email lists by delivery location and in a master list.



Payment Options

You can offer customers up to five payment options when placing orders - online and in-person credit cards, cash, checks, and draws against a pre-paid Buyer Account balance. Simply turn on the options you want to offer. Online credit card processing cost is 2.9% plus 30 cents per transaction. There is no monthly fee or hardware to buy.




We offer full phone and email support to all our farmers. We can do that because our system is very easy to learn and use. If you need help, call or write with details.





Through our experiences with other farmers, we can often offer marketing guidance on what does and doesn't work when it comes to attracting customers and selling farm products.


We also create full color mailers for EFF farmers wanting to establish a delivery location in a targeted neighborhood. In quantity, the cost is under 40 cents per mailer. We handle the design, professional printing, postage and mailing.



Give George A Call

President George W. Bush. Good luck calling him!

Not THAT George!!

Today, most people expect to have the opportunity to order products online. If you don't offer that convenience, you're losing some orders.


You can pay good money for a typical shopping cart system that doesn't work very well for most farm products.

Or, you can use our system, which was specifically designed to handle the unique needs of most farms.

Plus, we continue to update to accommodate changing times. As I write this in December 2018, we are working on a major upgrade to be released in the next few months.

Best of all, even the smallest of farms can readily afford our system. It may even be available at no additional cost if it replaces a hosting fee you currently pay for a website. That's most certainly the case if you pay a web designer to make updates on an existing website.

Our EFF farmers are reaping benefits. In each case, it started with a conversation about their farm business.

Simply call THIS George.

This George WILL help you. Call him now!

Now it's YOUR opportunity. Tell me about your farm, and let's see what we can do together.

Now is the time to consider alternatives for 2019 and beyond. Call me right now, even if it's 2:00 AM. If you put it off until "later", it's likely you'll never make the call. Don't make that mistake. Opportunity is knocking.  Commit to investigating our EFF service  by dialing 518-326-1638 now. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

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