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"Helping Farmers Direct-Sell Food Profitably!"


We can help many farmers past the key roadblock they face in achieving a more profitable business --- building a loyal customer base that's eager to buy all their products at prices that reflect their full value.


We're interested in working with farmers who are driven to be financially successful _AND_ who are willing to adopt some new habits and techniques to achieve it.

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Who We Help...

We can help a wide range of small family farm businesses - from brand new farmers _TO_ hobby farmers looking to make more income _TO_ well established farms needing a more organized way to interact with prospects and customers. The key factor is that you must willing to put some focused effort into marketing and sales. Our approaches aren't magical. They provide results to those who use them systematically and intelligently. We can help and guide you.

Talk With Us...

Please tell us about YOUR farm. We'll listen, see where we might help, and make a very economical proposal based on your unique situation. Our services are internet-based, but farmer friendly. You (or someone at your farm) must be willing to use a computer and the internet. Both are tools that help level the playing field in competing for customers. We can show you how to focus your efforts on the approaches that will make your farm more profitable.


Family Farms Today.

We've found that most farmers devote their work time almost exclusively to production --- because they're FARMERS! They hope that creating more and better products will lead to steadily increasing profits. That result rarely happens.

For most farm-to-consumer businesses, their greatest need is better marketing, not better production. They simply don't have enough customers willing to pay prices that will allow the farms to prosper.  

Many family farms are going out of business, but some small farm businesses facing the same challenges ARE growing and prospering. They have successfully created their own marketing niches.

Sadly, most farmers view marketing as an unfortunate distraction, rather than the road to prosperity. That unwillingness to confront and conquer their primary profit-limiting factor is devastating.

Few farmers would actually say "I don't have time to be more profitable" but that's EXACTLY what their actions say.

So What About You?

Chances are you have systems for all the chores you do on the farm. Set techniques (habits) for getting things accomplished, but you're always looking for tweaks that will improve them.

Do you take a comparable systems approach for every aspect of marketing, sales, and customer relations?

Probably not. And yet, incremental changes in those areas could set your farm business on a path to greater financial success and new options for growth.

Ultimately, the quantity, quality and loyalty of your farm's customers will define your business. Doesn't it make sense to hone the way you attract and interact with them?


Questions To Ponder:

Your answers to the questions above should give you some sense of how thoroughly you've developed your customer interaction system.


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Our Services Can Help.

We delve into all of the areas listed above. The links to the right direct you to the appropriate pages.

On the production side of your farm, you probably have a tractor. The horsepower and hydraulics combine to create a mechanical advantage for you.

On the marketing side, your farm newsletter _IS_ your tractor. It can do the heavy lifting. It allows regular interaction with hundreds or thousands of families with very little effort --- a game changer for farm profits.

We know farmers don't generally like writing newsletters, so we've made it much easier.

We can provide newsletter setup and guidance, plus a time-saving newsletter content service. We send our farmer subscribers at least 4 custom written articles every month. They can use any of those articles as the core of their newsletters. If you're not currently sending a great newsletter every couple weeks, click here.

For farms needing a website, we offer a farmer-friendly website editor. You, the farmer, can readily create up to a 10 page website and edit it at will. Include all the text and images you want. And we're here to help with content and guidance. The cost is only $12.50 per month.

For those in need of a simple-to-use online ordering system, we provide a highly automated storefront system designed exclusively for farmers. It creates new options for your farm, and customers love it.

We have other marketing services we offer farmers. Everything we do is economical and focused on bringing more and better customers to our farmers. We teach, we help, we do.

You also need to read our verifiable EFF farmer testimonials. You'll find real stories from real farmers. They tell our story better than we do.

And finally...

Give George A Call.President George W. Bush

Not THAT George!!

We are not an expensive consulting service looking to take over your business. We offer guidance, sometimes totally free, as well as some very economical tools and services to make your farm business work better.

Our EFF farmers are reaping benefits, but in each case, it started with a conversation about their farm business.

Simply call THIS George.


Now it's YOUR opportunity. Tell me about your farm and I'll explore the possibilities with you.  If we can't help your business prosper, I'll tell you that. Otherwise, I'll make a proposal for your consideration.

Now is the time to consider alternatives for 2018 and beyond. Call me right now, even if it's 2:00 AM. If you put it off until "later", it's likely you'll never make the call. Don't make that mistake. Opportunity is knocking.  Commit to investigating our EFF service AND our help by dialing 518-326-1638 now. You have nothing to lose and much to gain.

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